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Be one step ahead with our all-in-one-customer management and engagement solution.

Whether your business is just starting or has contact centres with 10,000 agents, Pingsoft provides an all-in-one solution to your customer relationship management problems.

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We provide complete range of options to contact your customers: text, calls, and WhatsApp messages. You can even provide support for potential customers with the option of live chat. As Pingsoft is on the cloud, your team has the ability to access virtual call centre software remotely and out of office hours.

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Integration into every department of your operation infrastructure is seamless. With the same software, departments from marketing to customer support have the tools to work together effectively to maximise customer service. Everyone has to access to VOIP phones built into our CRM program giving you the tools to communicate from multiple angles.

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An all-in-one platform isn’t  just for your customers. It’s also for staff Sales can use the data collected to manage key performance indicator and target with our lead management software. Marketing team has more flexible with multiple ways to contact customers on the same screen. Working from single database provides your business with features and intelligence to continually refine the way you work. Being more efficient, you can give even better value to your customer.

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With 100% cloud based software, you open up the door to flexible work outside the office. Your staff can log in at home or on the move, particularly beneficial for those with a family.You don’t lose out on talent, they give have a healthier work-life balance. Plus it gives you the opportunity to tap into better talent pools. Requirement isn’t restricted to your area. It’s open to entire world.

Experience efficiency in your customer operations like never before