Experience a better way to manage your transaction and interact with customers through our commerce platform.

For any commerce enterprise, you need to know as much as possible about your potential customers if you want to sell them your products, convert them into loyal customers, and inspire them to recommend you to friends and family.

Many brilliant marketing automation software specialise in social media, analytics, and everything in between.  All of these systems hold data that is crucial to understand your customers better.  But how are your staff meant to execute marketing with information spread across five different systems?

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The Single View

A unified all-in-one solution is the answer to getting single view of your customer. Pingsoft provides E-commerce platform with everything you need on one screen-marketing, customer support and a place to handle your transactions.

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Smooth Transactions

In one screen, your staff have easy access to stock, customer services, and point of sale. Whether it's online or in store via iPad, data flow through your till system straight into the software.Effortless transaction are essential to service you provide your customer.

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With all your commerce system integrated and working together efficiently, you’ll have more space to innovate and grow your business.

Grow better with an all-in-one software solution for customer management and engagement