Charities and Non-Profits

Streamline your operations to earn even more support for your chosen cause with help from our non-profit/Charity platform.


The goodwill of people and tireless efforts of your staff are the lifelines to your charity.  By improving the efficiency of infrastructure, you can put your resources where they matter - supporting your cause.

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Pingsoft helps your charity guide new donors through the process. With everything on one screen, our software is best way to collect donations online. Not only do you streamline process, but you can also improve customer service by giving your staff the functionality  to use live web chat and manage multiple calls to help your supporters.

We also improve your relationship with previous donor.Staff now have access to single record of communication with every donor on the screen in front of them. Using same software they have variety of medium to contact them, chase leads or reach out to potential donors. Fundraising has never been easier.

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Pingsoft is the best way to collect to donations online. With all your finances in one place, you can seamlessly manage donations. On one screen, you can create multiple campaign and process various type of payment.

Ease of use for both staff and people donating encourage more money to your cause. Customer relationship management is key to better customer service and reaching out far and wide to encourage people to support your charity.

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With 100% cloud-based software, you can utilise the support of volunteers outside of the office and take your fundraising to the next level. They can use your database and gather support, chase leads, and let the world know of your cause.


Get to know your donors better than ever before