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A 360 degree digital Eco systems for your business, from connectivity and security through to resource planning and customer engagement.


Since 2004, we have provided integrated and flexible VOIP phone services and communication solutions to businesses all over the country. It has always been our mission to offer streamlined tools that allow clients to serve their customers in the most effective way possible

Speaking to clients regularly, many of them were frustrated with their customer relationship management services. They had individual software for every department, from sales to human resources and accounting. All while playing multiple subscriptions. Keeping everything organised was losing to battle and inefficiencies were inevitable.

Using different platform and software in different departments made no sense. Teams within the business communicated poorly, nothing was integrated. Enough was enough. It was time to build something better.

We worked tirelessly to build an all-in-one resource planning platform. Made to be flexible, scaleable, and tailored to your infrastructure, it paves the way for efficient customer management and engagement.

Business no longer need to adopt various systems in order to meet their needs. With Pingsoft, it's all there integrated and accessible.

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Our platform was built from scratch to be flexible and moldable to the bespoke requirements of clients.That is precisely why we are 100% cloud based.It removes the headache of adapting your infrastructure, and you have to access to more resources to manage your business. It also allows your team to be dispersed and work remotely. The software acts in your company’s requirements - as a business phone service and virtual call centre.

Before building our unique platform, we provided VOIP services and communications tools for over ten years. We refined and perfected them over this period and seamlessly integrated them into Pingsoft.

Pingsoft isn’t just a customer relationship management software. You can use it to make inbound and outbound calls, call recordings, SMS & call forwarding easier than ever before. There’s no need to rely on third party communication tools when you have everything in one place.

With clients holding sensitive customer information, security is paramount to us. We host on Amazon servers, a platform trusted by thousands of business around the world. Their layers of physical and operational security and regular audits and secure the safety, integrity and privacy of your data.For additional protection we have our own 24/7 leading infrastructure team. Our infrastructure is built on multiple layer to ensure all data secure.

Completely GDPR compliant, we can host your data in your region, so you can rest assured that your data follows international compliance.

When we designed our Platform, we were looking ahead. Technology is continually changing, and it is essential to evolve with it. As we built it from scratch, our infrastructure easily adapts to anything new in the industry. With the future in mind, it is our mission to provide solutions that improve your relationship with your customers and give you constant advantage over your competitors.

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Grow better with an all-in-one solution for customer management and engagement