Pingsoft Limited enters the ERP service sector

Entry into the ERP service sector

Specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) since 2017, Pingsoft Limited was originally known as V-Empower Limited and traded under this name for fifteen years.

At that stage, the company providing a mix of IT services such as web/custom application development.

Entry into the ERP service sector

But things were due to change.  The company moved into business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony services and developed their own platform in 2009, followed by a further major change in 2017.

At this point, Pingsoft Limited added an open sourced ERP system called Odoo to their list of services, branding this as a SaBRO communication module.

More about SaBRO

Fully integrated in the ERP system, SaBRO enables businesses to make and receive calls, text messages and faxes.  Users can also purchase incoming numbers for over 50 countries.  Recording, transferring and making and receiving calls is made easy via the web browser within the ERP system.  It comes complete with a desk-phone handset or mobile app, along with many more features.

A richly integrated business communication system

As well as providing a richly integrated business communication system, there are a range of other business modules available, able to take account of such things as:

·      Accounting

·        HR

·        Inventory control

·         Manufacturing

·         E-commerce

In total, there are more than one hundred modules, all available to the user via one simple login. There is no need to use different applications for each operation when SaBRO enables users to take care of it all via a one-stop central hub.

Bringing ERP to the SME market

In the past, sophisticated ERP systems have only been affordable by large multinational organisations with budgets of millions of pounds.   Pingsoft Limited is the first company of its kind to deliver cost-effective cloud-based technology to both SMEs and other business sectors at a very reasonable cost.  As your company grows, the module expands with it via their innovative Pay-as-you-grow model.

Working with SME's, charities and e-commerce businesses, Pingsoft Limited can produce any type of ERP custom development.

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